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We extend to you a sincere warm welcome of your visit at our ‘ Outreach for The Way, The Truth, The Life Found Only in Jesus Christ ‘ and hope that you will take time to relax and enjoy the two hymns at the very beginning.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email on our contact page regarding any concerns or problems that you may be dealing with.

This is by far one of the best versions of Amazing Grace that I have ever heard. It tells a lot about my life.  Put on headphones or find a quiet place where you can sit back and be touched by this most beautiful version of Amazing Grace. Judy Collins does a fantastic job.


The orchestra version of How Great Thou Art is also one of the best versions I have ever heard.

Relax and enjoy these two great hymns and take a minute and think about your life and your relationship with God.  If you do not know Christ as your personal savior go to our Blog on ‘What Must I Do To Be Saved’.  The simple details of God’s love and His plan for salvation is presented with many Bible Verses. You may have other problems that you are dealing with, if so check through our menu of articles and very likely you will find an article that will help and encourage you .  Eternity is forever don’t refuse to accept Jesus Christ and be deceived by satan and regret it for thousands of years .

         Be sure to watch our mini videos. You will enjoy, they are very inspirational and uplifting.                                       


Christ Lives

He was the Victor over death and burial and He was resurrected on the third day. He died for our sins and He is the only way to Heaven.

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The Way, The Truth, The Life, Found only in Christ

John 14:6 King James Version
6  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh
unto the Father, but by me.
John 3:17 King James Version
17  For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that
the world through him might be saved.

 Note: It may be necessary to hit the Esc key after watching the How Great Thou Art Video. If you see ads after playing the video, please wait 5 seconds and click on "Skip Ad" .

About Us


Our primary mission is to reach out to anyone that does not know Christ as their personal savior and provide the resource information from the Bible about God’s Simple Plan of Salvation.  And provide the complete Biblical truth about various life lessons of some of the Heroes of the Bible, Bible Prophecy in Revelation, and information for those seeking spiritual help from a website designed for anyone’s spiritual needs and interest in reading and studying the Bible.


I was born in the city of Roanoke,VA and did my growing up when my Dad bought a farm. About three months, after buying the farm, the company that my Dad worked for closed and he had to take a job out of town, approximately 200 miles from Roanoke. At an early age, I was given the responsibility of building fences, getting in the hay, feeding the chickens, hogs, cattle, planting and harvesting the crops, and of course going to school. Prior to the farm, and in my early teens, I spent the summers on my Grandparents farm in Botetourt County, VA, during the times that I was out of school in the summers. My Grandparents were both Christians and were a positive influence on me. My fondest memories are of the new friends that I made during this time. All the things that I learned from my Grandparents proved to be very helpful, when I had to take care of my Dad’s farm.

I graduated from Chicago Technical College in 1961 and received a Diploma in Electrical Drafting by taking a correspondence course while working for Burlington Mills in Vinton,Va and running the farm. About a month afterwards I joined the Marines and became a combat engineer. Following the Marines, I worked for Appalachian Power Co. and later Sowers, Rhodes, and Whitescarver consulting engineers in Roanoke, VA. Later I accepted a job with Tennessee Eastman Company in Kingsport, TN and worked there for 30 years. While at Tennessee Eastman Company (now Eastman Chemical Company) I took correspondence courses and earned Diplomas in Electronics Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering, and Industrial Instrumentation Process and Control. I worked my way up from draftsman to Projects Coordinator and received two coveted Presidential Awards from Eastman. After Eastman I did contract engineering work… 1.0 year for Honeywell in Hopewell, VA, 2.25 years for Alstom Power in Knoxville, TN, 8.0 years for Bechtel on the Watts Bar Nuclear Project, and 1.66 years for Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant in Waynesboro, GA. I have 50 years of experience in engineering and engineering related work. Work ethics, accuracy and truth are essential in engineering work.

In January 1967 I received Christ as my savior. I taught Sunday School and attended church services at least three times a week and did church visitation. I began working long hours on large projects for Eastman and could not attend church as often, and although I knew that I was saved, I began to stumble and never did get fully back as a dedicated Christian until I had to have the aortic valve in my heart replaced in 2019. A co-worker had recently died from aortic surgery and I experienced difficulty during the night following my surgery. During the early morning hours of that night, following my prayers, I experienced a presence that I had never experienced before. I was seeing an extremely bright light and a person in a white robe; whether that was a dream or not, I don’t really know, but it all felt so real. My life has not been the same since that experience.

When I got home, I watched Dr. David Jeremiah of Turning Point Ministries and was very impressed by his message which he made so simple to understand. Since that time Dr. Jeremiah has become my hero, I watch him on TV often and have read several of his books. I give Dr. Jeremiah the credit for encouraging me to tell others of my experience and to develop this website. I know, in my heart and without any doubts, that the Bible is all true and is God’s message to all of humanity. I further believe that everything Jesus said in the Bible is 100% true and He meant it exactly as He said it and it will happen exactly as He said it would, for sure. It is the only book that has the power to transform your life. And it can.

I research a lot of Dr. Jeremiah’s books and articles plus many other well know Christian leaders, and well known Bible Commentary authors prior to preparing all of my articles.


What Must I Do To Be Saved And Become A Christian?


Who Were the 12 Disciples and What Should We Know about Them?


The Christian Journey




What To Do When You Feel Discouraged


The Importance Of The Bible & How To Study It


Death & Suffering

Church Altar

The Last Sermon Heard Before Dying

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 11.29.56 PM.png

Christ's Ascension


The Judgement Seat of Christ and The Great White Throne Judgement

Click on "123 Bible Subjects & Stories" and select the file of your interest for … The Heroes of the Old Testament, The Heroes of The New Testament, Bible Stories, The Events Of Revelation, The 50 or More Things That We May Not Know, The Bad People of The Bible.  I encourage you to view, read, and study these articles for increasing your knowledge of "The Way, The Truth, and The Life found only in Jesus Christ".  

Note: When you click on the X at the top of screen to exit an Article the site may shutdown. If this occurs please click on View More Files. If that fails  access again for continued viewing of the site. Presently we do not know how to correct this. We apologize for this inconvenience


Ken Shelton

I have put my heart in preparing the files for each of the Bible articles and stories for this website. In my search for presenting the full Bibical truth, I researched materials from four of the most dedicated and knowledgeable men of God that have ever been known. One was a world renowned evangelist, one was known as the world’s greatest preacher, and the other two are world renowned, have world- wide television ministries and have authored several doctrinally sound Biblical books. I believe that the only way to really understand the Bible is to first accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and receive the Holy Spirt in your heart. I further believe that the Bible is God’s message to the heart of mankind and it is all His inspired words. God’s word is unchanging and it has the same meaning today as it did when it was first written. God strongly warns against the adding to or the taking away from the scriptures (His Word) yet the world prefers and accepts their own watered down version. I accepted Christ as my Savior in January of 1967 and although I stumbled a few times God was always there to pick me up, forgive me, correct (chastise) me and restore me. God’s way is always the best way and the best choice by far.

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